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Literally what it says.

I wanted something to centralize all the Tim Pool content and realized midway through that I should make this a public website instead.

What's Here?

  • Youtubes channels, including Minds and Bitchute backups
  • A single page for all the YouTube content across three different channels
  • Podcast sources
  • Twitter accounts
  • Instagram accounts
  • Links to both stores (did you know there were 2?)
  • Affiliate links to support Tim's work

The YouTube Channels (and backups)

"Timcast" covers more controversial current events. "Tim Pool" is a top level politics and news coverage channel, also called the Tim Pool Daily Show. Note that the channel is named "Timcast" even though the user name is Tim Pool. It's a little confusing. "Timcast IRL" is a talk show format show produced almost every day that expands on the days news and discusses different topics with guests, usually in line with the day's news.

Tim Pool (Timcast)
Timcast IRL

Related YouTube Channels

YouTube channels for current and prior hosts.

Cast Castle VLog
Tales From the Inverted World
Pop Culture Crisis
Adamcast IRL
Ian Crossland

The Podcasts

The "Tim Pool Daily Show" is the podcast for the Tim Pool (Timcast) channel. The Timcast IRL podcast is obviously the audio version of the Timcast IRL YouTube channel.

Tim Pool Daily Show (Timcast)

Twitter and Instagram Accounts

Tim Pool, Lydia Smith, Ian Crossland, and Adam Crigler. Note that Adam was a part of the Timcast IRL cast and has transitioned to producing his own show, Adamcast.

Tim Pool

The man in the beanie

Lydia Smith

Production, research, and guest coordination for Timcast irl

Ian Crossland

The Collective

Bucko the Cat

Studio Mascat, Named in Reference to Jordan Peterson, Appears on Instagram and TimCast IRL

Support Tim

Donate directly (the best option), buy merch, or use his affiliate links. You can also "Join" the Timcast IRL channel for $4.99/month to get access to the full library of Live shows and/or donate through a Super Chat during live shows.

Merch Stores

Print on demand is low margin but better than nothing, and you get cool physical stuff!

Teespring Store 1

This one has more shirt options for the Death of Censorship design but is missing two designs.

Teespring Store 2

All the designs of store 1, with "The Best" and "Harumph I Say" added.


Use the links to ensure Tim gets a small commission from your purchase at no added cost to you!

My Patriot Supply

Emergency Food for Long Term Storage

Do You Have Enough Food Stockpiled In Case of a Major Emergency?

2-week supply for $157 -> $97
4-week supply for $297 -> $197

Virtual Shield

Personal VPN

Lock your front door while you surf the internet. It won't stop a determined adversary, but then again little you can do will.

24-month plan for $10.99 -> $2.50/month


Collagen supplements

Bucko-the-cat approved collagen supplements to support your bones.

1 Bag for $49 -> $34/bag

3 Bag for $49 -> $29/bag, $87 total

6 Bag for $49 -> $24/bag, $144 total

 Are any affiliate links missing?

Let me know so I can add them in. Use the form at the bottom of the contacts page.

Do You Want A Spinny UFO?

Did you know it's also a Bluetooth Speaker and a desk  lamp? But it can also be finicky to stabilize and the bass is subpar, based on Amazon reviews.

Here's Three Places You Can Go.

Punchline - they come from China. You can buy it directly or get one that has already been imported. There are also dropshipping stores that will upcharge you +100% of the wholesale pricing. They aren't listed here.


  From Amazon

You'll pay between $120 and $200. The link is for a reseller who uses Fulfilled by Amazon (FBA)

Sold by "Infinity Orb" In Black for $135

Sold by "Infinity Orb" In White for $135


  From AliExpress

Kind of like buying from Amazon Third-Party Sellers, but in China. Due to shipping times and similar costs, this probably isn't worth the wait.

$110 + shipping for Best Seller with the Most Orders


  From AliBaba

Usually for Wholesale orders. But these Sellers will accept an order of 1 unit. You'll need to contact the supplier to work out the order. Not as easy as Amazon or AliExpress but a lot cheaper.

HCNT, $80 for 1 to 9 Pieces

Shenzen Mgitec Co Ltd. $60/piece

What's Next?

Features you might be able to look forward to:

Video Search

Search video content across all channels in one place with detailed tags and topics.

Email notifications

A more reliable notification system for videos so you don't have to rely on YouTube's mood.


Want to learn more about who and what was referenced? Get the links so you can go in depth.